vegan trash. (rastaxcore) wrote in faux_beauty,
vegan trash.


my name is Madison.
I'm 17.
I'm a girl. music taste is varied, but lately I've been hooked on Hot Hot Heat, Billy Idol, Boy George, Every Time I Die, and The Used.

My interests are philosophy, modern literature (Ayn Rand especially), history in most forms, sociology, psychology, makeup, current international affairs, photography, painting, there ya go.

My hobbies are numerous, but they include waverunning, crowd surfing at hardcore/metal shows, getting into mosh pits and going wild, going to school (bah), writing songs, looking at the stars, painting (impressionism), watching silly movies with my friends (Night Shift is the best), and running around my house naked, singing.

Something interesting. Hmm....

The top two ways to annoy me and make me hate you are: ignoring me, and using "well" and "good" interchangeably. Bad grammar scares me.
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