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I'm bored, so why the hell not.

Central Phoenix, AZ
Dating a wonderful guy.

Music: I love just about everything. If it sounds good, then I like it. I love Blues (and happen to live right down the street from the best live Blues bar in all of Phoenix), Jazz, Drum and Bass. Specifics: Maroon 5, Howie Day, old school Dave Matthews Band, Disturbed...

Books: I've been called a bookworm since I was in 2nd grade. Some of my favorites include the Talisman, 1984, Of Mice and Men.. I spend a lot of time at the downtown library.

Movies: Death to Smoochy!

TV: Food Network, Family Guy, That 70s Show.

Most of my free time is generally spent with my boyfriend, and my awesome friends. Since I'm jobless, I don't have much of a life, so I spend a lot of my time alone either on my computer, reading, or at the library. I like to go out with my friends every so often. Beer is my favorite alcoholic drink (hefeweizen, & Negra Modelo specifically). Tequila is my favorite hard alcohlic beverage.

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