Alanna (alannak) wrote in faux_beauty,

a picture.

your name. Alanna
age. 15 (16 in February)
gender. Female
music. David Bowie, Radiohead, Rufus Wainwright, The Zombies.
interests. I like reading Allen Ginsberg. I have a subscription to 3 off-Broadway theaters, so I go to (and usually enjoy) many plays. Math and global are my favorite subjects!
hobbies. I like going to movies at the Brooklyn Academy of Music because they always have neat! movies before they're released in other theaters. And I like going to Asian restaurants and making pornographic movies with my lovah Henry.
whatever else. I'm not really sure how filling in a survey can be an indication of one's personality, but hey, there's no subject I prefer filling surveys in about! =)
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no. sorry.
it is my triumphant return, and what do i have to say upon my re-arrival?

eh. no.
Could you tell me why please? Heh
nothing stuck out to me.