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This is my application, I hope it is enough information.

name: Laura

age: 16

gender. Female

music: I listen to a lot of r'n'b and popular big American artist such as
Christina Beyonce  and Pink. I've been to see Christina and Beyonce in
concert also. I enjoy listening to this type f music because you can sing to it
and often the lyrics can be related to my life. I know its very 'girly shit' but
rock music gives me a headache, I like music I can just relax to.

interests. My favourite interest is creative writing. I hope to start
writing a book soon, though I doubt I will have patience to write all of it. I
love reading Harry Potter because it's relaxing; easy to understand and very
entertaining. I've also read his Dark Materials which I like because it is very
philosophical with an unpredictable plot, the images and characters created are
believable yet very unreal. Other interests include shopping and going to the
cinema, this is often with my mate Matthew who honestly *loves* going around the
clothes shops with me and seeing as the chick flicks - not! Bless him, he has to
put with so much. 

hobbies. I don't have any hobbies at present because I have just
completed my GCSE's and haven't had time. I used to go horse riding for 8 years,
i became very experienced and looked after a horse. I hope to take that up again
one day but it's just getting round to it and building up the confidence I lost
after falling off a horse once.

If you have any problems viewing these photos (my front page is being a bitch so
I won't be surprised if you are!) You can view them at
and /insecuraties. 


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