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hi my names maria, im 15, im a girl hm obviously. I live in San Dimas, California and go to san dimas high school. I mainly listen to electroclash and screamo, bands: ladytron, felix da housecat, miss kittin, the blood brothers, my chemical romance, pretty girls make graves, chicks on speed, the bled, cursive, fisherspooner, joy division,fad gadget, mount sims,visage, arab strap,interpol, dead poetic,vive la fete and several other mix cd's like tech-pop and electro nouveau. I enjoy watching movies( party monster, the dreamers, y tu mama tambien, monster, amelie, ghost world, le corbeau, american splendor, lost in translation, merci pour le chocolat) especially independent films. I like to go places, i dislike being home, when i am, im mostly in my room listening to music, perphaps reading( the torn skirt, confessions of a deathmaiden,A thousand years of solitude, Pump up the volume) or playing with my cat madison. I love interior design and painting, i find painting to release stress and its somewhat fun. My room is well decorated, its red with black stars, and consists of things that represent me. Hmm, i have alot of friends that i love spending time with. Meeting new people is always fun, i guess i sometimes come off as shy or maybe serious but i dont know, hmm yeah thats it.

  there are more pictures of me in my journal so if you really care go and see, otherwise dont waste your time.  Bring on the criticism.
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