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and here I am


My name is Kristiana Colón, the picture of me isn't that great, but I'm not particularly fabulous anyway so whatever. It's the only picture I have on this computer (I'm at work right now). I'm performing at the Winds Cafe in the pic, thats why I look so...dramatic, to say the least. I'm 18 - a student at the University of Chicago. If you couldn't tell already...I am a girl. As far as music...right now I'm listenin to some soulful Christmas jams cuz college is fucking depressing and I don't care that its not even Thanksgiving yet, I want some goddamn holiday cheer. (bah humbug) I'm also a big Mos Def fan and I also claim to like, but don't often listen to underground hip-hop stuff like Atmosphere, Qwel, and Aesop Rock. Aside from being an overworked student, I'm an actress and spoken word artist. Searching my name on Google will get you some sound clips of my work and reviews of the last few plays I've done. I'm really new to this LJ thing, I haven't quite figured out the purpose of it, or how it works, but I needed something to do while I procrastinate, i.e. my calculus homework is sprawled in front of me right now, neglected as I do this. Gggrrr. Thats all.
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