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faux_beauty's Journal

hey! i fucking rule.
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here's what goes down in this communitay: you post your pictures and we give you a yes or no. shit, that sounds familiar! here's the catch: if you just post your pictures, you're screwed. we want you to talk about yourself. or even entertain us with something you wrote or made. whatever. if youre boring, hahhaa, youre fucked. for the rest of you, this is where you redeem yourself, where your pictures may be lacking. yeah, you can get in solely on looks, but its not likely, man. not likely.

since most of you arent intellegent or creative enough to write the post by yourself, heres some guidelines for your sorry ass:

a picture. (yes, there can be several, dont distort the tables, dont post artsy bullshit, dont write "her bright eyes burn" or other song lyrics on it. and NEVER, EVER fucking inconvenience us to go look at a villagephotos slideshow or your website or geocities or angelfire. EVER).
your name. (this is self explanitory, meaning if you dont post it, we'll assume you dont understand, and if you dont understand, we'll assume youre stupid. and if youre stupid, expect one right across the jaw).
age. (we cant fucking tell. some 13 year old girls look like 46 year old crack whores).
gender. (the latest addition, because some of you kids are so fucked up, we cant tell what you are. &if you put cliche bullshit like 'femme fatale', dont expect too much love).
music. (its not that hard. your favorite bands, bands youve been listening to lately, shows you frequent, favorite albums, etc. automatic disqualification if you list disturbed, bright eyes, dashboard, or slipknot).
interests. (be specific. everyone likes to read. so when you say "books". name some authors. if you say music, tell me what you play. if you say writing, paste a fucking poem. etc. DONT link me to your userinfo. we're not going to make that great an effort for you).
hobbies. (hobbies and interests are NOT the same. for example, yard gnomes is not a hobbie. making yard gnores, or even stealing yard gnomes, could be a hobby. get it straight).
whatever else. (say something interesting. if you name drop, you die.)

you know what to do, so post. everything below this is technical bullshit.

these are the revised rules. im breaking it down and putting it in the simplest of simple terms here. if you still fuck up, prepare for death.

1. community advertising: yeah, you can advertise, if your community isnt shitty and boring. we're so nice, we'll let you leave your post up all day, and then you better delete it, or we will.
2. if youre making a random post, mention youre stamped.
3. use your jugdement as far as lj-cutting goes. just dont fuck up my friends page, &youll stay on the good list.
4. add that shit to your memories. this isnt a must, but we're probably going to forget your ass at some point, even its just because we're drunk late on night. if we ask for some id, you better have it.
5. dont comment until we say you can comment, fuckface!

bow down.